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Get Up to 60 minutes of Free Skype Credit

Get Up to 60 minutes of Free Skype Credit

Skype is great to keeping in touch with family and friends using free audio and video calls and IM chat. With this Skype Credit Voucher you can take advantage of Skype’s great features that cost a little, such as below:
Get Up to 60 minutes of Free Skype Credit
  • Talk for a longer with very low costcalls to mobiles and landlinesworldwide
  • Send atext messagesto mobile phones directly from the comfort of your keyboard and mouse
  • Get online easily at over millionWi-Fi hotspotsand only pay for the minutes you use
  • Set up a freeSkype Now To Go numberand call abroad by dialing a local number from any phone

These are just a few of thegreat featuresyou can use with Skype and why over 200 million people use Skype every month.

It’s very easy to get the Free Skype Credit in just a few click and few Web Search Query.
Get Up to 60 minutes of Free Skype Credit
So Get started today to get Free Skype Credits using few steps:

1st Step: You need to have Facebook or Hotmail Account to Sign Up for Bing Rewards Program.

2nd Step: After Sign Up for the account. Sign In to your Bing Rewards Account, You will be taken to the below Bing Reward Dashboard
Get Up to 60 minutes of Free Skype Credit

3rd Step: To get Skype Voucher you need to Earn some Credits,to earn Credits you need to compleate some task’s.

4th Step: To Compleate those Task’s you need to go to Offers tab*,Click on the Offers Tab

5th Step: You need to compleate each and every offer to earn credits, you need complate offers in
  • Your Offers
  • Welcome
  • Bing Explore Tour
You can see the Levels in this Bing Reward Program
  1. Member
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
In each Level there are some requirments you need to qualify those to Increase you Level.
After you Reach 200 Lifetime Credits you will get 50 Credits as Bonus.

If you reach Gold Level you will get Discounts on the Skype Vouchers and etc.
You also get Discounts on other Offers also !!
Get Up to 60 minutes of Free Skype Credit

Here are the some of the Offers you Win using Bing Rewards Program :
You Can also donate and patispate in sweeptake also

These Bing Rewards Program is also for United States. But you other country can also patispate in this Rewards program.
  1. First you need to have Proxy Softwares or VPN Service
  2. You need to Sign In to United States IP
  3. And Sign Up for the Bing Rewards Program
  4. Once after Signing Up for the Rewards progam you can Sign In and use this Reward service from your Normal IP address.
After you Sign In from your normal IP you need to do some changes in the Bing Search.
  • Open
  • Then click on Prefarances
  • And click on Wordwide
  • Select United States – English
  • Then you can see a new Rewards Option
  • Click on that Rewards option
  • And Sign In from there .
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